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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Word War on "TERROR" ?

The Word War on "Terror" ?

By Carrie Carmichael

The War on Terror! At first it sounded like the Bush administration declared a war on everything that scares us. Suicide attackers. Death. Illness. Threats to our children. After September 11th, the Bush Administration’s label was a manipulative psychological suggestion. "Keep us in office. We’ll protect you.“

The campaign's name was born of necessity. The linguistically challenged Commander in Chief cannot be trusted to consistently pronounce the word “terrorism”. Bush handlers didn’t want the President going down that road where "Nuclear“ has been tortured into "nuke-you-ler“ and "Abu Gareib“ tortured into………. Well… we know that horrible story!

The Bush spin machine jumped on the simple-speak bandwagon. Even if they could say, "terrorism“, they wouldn’t leave their leader out on a noun…alone. Butuse the wrong word long enough and people will think it’s right.

The Bush people say War on Terror. They stay on message…no matter what. Appallingly everyone else - from the press to Democratic members of Congress and Governors – rolled over.

The word "Terror,” according to the American Heritage Dictionary is “Intense, overpowering fear. Something, as a terrifying object or occurrence, that instills intense fear. The ability to instill intense fear.“

It’s not until the fourth definition that "terror“ is defined as "Violence promoted by a group to achieve or maintain supremacy.“

In contrast, "Terrorism“ is clearly defined as "the systematic use of terror, violence, and intimidation to achieve an end." Now….isn’t THAT what we are at war against? Or should be!

We hear the same word-weaseling in the administration's reaction to the 9/ll Commission’s conclusion that there was no working relationship between AlQueda and Sadaam Hussein. "Was too,“ say Bush and Cheney claiming they know something they’re not telling. "Was not,“ says the commission. "Was too. Was too. Was too,“ insists the administration.

Examine administration statements and you’ll find that they hide the truth in plain sight. The spirit of the President and his spokespeople was "those devils are in league against us.“ The letter of the statements left weasel room and skirted facts.

This so-labelled War on Terror is more than a simple name tailored for a man who trips over his tongue when confronted with polysyllabic words. Call them on their intent, or their specifics, and Bush and Company may well tell us to go "expletive-deleted ourselves.“ And they’ll attack if accused of failing in the campaign against terrorism. "We never said we were waging a War on Terrorism. We said we were fighting a War on Terror. And a poll of the top one percent of tax-relieved multi-millionaires are less terrified…… of the IRS than they were four years ago!“

However, the majority of Americans are more frightened. Many Americans are scared because Osama Bin Laden was given time to escape from Afgahninstan while Bush was cranking up his war on Iraq. Many are terrified the Iraq war has allowed terrorism to mushroom. Many are frightened of the deficit, horrified by the mounting casualties, afraid of the tax cuts, appalled by the increasing class warfare and on and on.

Perhaps Americans will succeed in the War on the Terror of Bush and vote him out of office by a larger margin than his father.


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